Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clouds: Drawing Challenge

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you know i love them
i mean really LOVE them
i dream of soaring through them
but for now
i lay in summer fresh grass
and float below them
around here
i see really good ones
catch a cloud and ride over to Nadine's to see more!

see ? i have been busy!
xo milady


Julia da Franca said...

oh dear, so much to comment here! i adore your style, your theatre challenge is so so great, love you standing in front of the big painting, love your monster parade and the clouds are pure beauty!! xox, julia

Patrice A. said...

love, LOVE your colors
and setting
and like you
I just LOVE cloudy skies
in all there differences

that little girl
flying through the skies
could be a children's book!


Milady Productions said...

thank you for the positive feedback! what a delicious breakfast to start my day with! :)
the children's book...yes! yes! yes!

renilde said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! the feeling of freedom and happiness, the brush strokes, spontaneous and dancing,great style,x

Kristen Donegan said...

yes! I thought that too about the flying girl- just beautiful- and your palette is so dreamy, I just want to drink it up!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

who's that (little mysterious) sky travel girl amongst clouds? she's certainly kick starting a story or to in my mind as well... i love how your patterns work... the little tableaus are heaven and a half!

Rachel said...

I sort of wish I could fly though the clouds, too. If only I didn't have this crazy fear of heights. But on the grass with you is where I'd be, the best views, safe on the ground.
Your clouds are dreamy and your flying girl looks like she's enjoying herself! no fear.

Milady Productions said...

thank you my friends for such inspiring comments! I do believe i have a book to write and illustrate now.
i believe i will sit in some tall grass under the big sky with a journal and pen...stay tuned!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Milady,
I love clouds too. And your clouds are fantastic! I have such an admiration for them, because they are strong and light and the colours just wonderful!
And your monster... you have conquer it, what a transformation! Great!
And: theatre! Would you be the host for next week with this theme?
That picture of you is really beautiful! You look very strong and pretty and happy... just adorable...


barbarabeesblog said...

Very delicious colours and haptics in your painting, I like that a lot!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest milady,
where are you - stuck in work to your ears?
Do you know that you're the sweet hostess of next week's drawing challenge?
No. 24 Clouds
No. 25 CITY Rachel 23. + 24.07.2011
No. 26 THEATRE Stephanie 30.07. + 31.07.2011
Do you agree with that? Or is it too much? Please let me know... otherwise... I'm in ;-)
xox Ariane.


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