Saturday, June 4, 2011

Everyday Life : A Drawing Challenge

everyday i drive past the old bones

that make me think of the dream i saw

in grandma's books

of a big family tilling the soil

and soil of their clan

with loving hands

that do it all

one day at a time

while i still wonder what i will be when i grow up

as i continue to juggle whilst i skip


xo milady

Dear ,deep,  thoughtful Elisabeth is our hostess this week.
Thank you Elisabeth. Everyday i am inspired by  my new friends in the world
through this challenge.


Rachel said...

And you juggle it all with such grace.
I wish I could visit your art farm. What a blessed and rich life you lead.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh, stephanie, thank you for this peek into your dailies... i especially love the image in which you point out 'here art farm lays'. it's so whimsical, to try and portray you, and then i can...!
a juggle yeah, for sure. juggling it your way though, such elegance!


Elisabeth said...

Thanks Stephanie. A wonderful post. I could see you juggling in all those pictures. A beautiful juggling full of joy. Is this where you live? I am speechless - what an amazing place on earth! I can see where you find your inspiration. I leave your place filled with inspiration. As always impressed by the cyber space's ability to make us all meet and share our different lives. I'll show you my surroundings on my blog someday. Quite different from this... And I say to myself: is this the way I want to spend my life? You know: what will I become when I grow up... Maybe I want to sell all my belongings and travel around the world instead. Accompanied by my family and some quilts to sleep under :)

Citlalli said...

Lovely post!
A life full of blessings, your place is so inspiring, wish to be there!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest milady,
yes, you're juggling your everyday life in such an elegant, naturally way... art life family home farm love. You manage this with holding the reins? wow.
I'm really impressed about your place on earth. Its the highest place in the US, isn't it? Those mountains! I can see you in a pickup truck, speed, dustclouds creating a sensation...
A powerful milady with a tender quill and the heart in the right place.
Would be so nice to come to your place... Christo 2014.

renilde said...

Hello Stephanie, well i found you at last, missed somehow your previous posts on hands and love. Such a beautiful place where you live,love your skipping, juggling figure, very recognizable :)
Have to come back and look some at your lovely art and photos. Have a nice day.

Patrice A. said...

happy juggling
full of joy
at a beautiful, beautiful place

yes, let's meet in 2014!!
all of us....

Milady Productions said...

thank you friends!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest milady,
may I count you in for 'Balance'?
See you next weekend?


Ariane Reichardt said...

My dearest Milady from irish Colorado,
first happy belated birthday to her sweet 16 and to you of course as her loving mother!
So, you juggle with birthday guests of your teenie daughter? I'm sure you can handle it with heart.


Lilli said...

So glad, Stephanie, that you juggled your way into accepting my invitation... I have truly missed your thoughtfullness, and must have thought of you zillions of times... Hugs Lilli


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