Sunday, June 19, 2011

Balance : Drawing Challenge

balance. the quest. walking the line between the divine and mortal, sun and moon, light and darkness.
precarious. exciting. so rewarding when perfecting the middle, feeling the intoxicating powers of opposites at once.
this one of my all time favorite images. "tightrope" available in my shop for a limited time as a 12x12 archival
paper print. (or larger !)

hula hoop

i have been doing alot lately, my dad calls me the "master juggler". i've got so many pots on the stove,
so many interests, so little time.
 balancing while juggling.
keep calm and carry on! 

The Queen of Eisenbach, Ariane, is our hostess this week!

xo milady


Rachel said...

my greta says,
" oh this is perfect for balance! great choices!"

she loves your tight rope walker. me too. love it all.

Patrice A. said...

and you keep smiling!

I just love it that all your work is so you, no doubt about that
the joy, beautiful lines and all
it looks as if it cost you no trouble at all making it (bad, bad sentence in English) but you know what I mean
I love that looseness

sarapirat said...

keep calm and carry on. i will take those ones with me this morning.
and balancing, yes, what an act of fine-tuning.
(two of my favorite words at the moment) to find that golden middle way. lovely illustrations!

Ariane Reichardt said...

You tempt me, dearest Milady!
Wonderful BALANCE, the words, the colours - love it all.
Thank you for your lovely words... and 45 is crazy, isn't it?!
Love to you,

Milady Productions said...

Hello dear ladies!
i am so glad i've won Greta's approval :) she knows a thing or two!
Patrice, i love the looseness of our communications, proper sentences or not- i always understand! thank you!
Sara, "golden middle" ...i am basking in those words. perfect!
Ariane - balance those hormones!! :)
just kidding - it's our turn to rule the world! :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i'm sure, a juggler of life indeed, but you know what? that first image just screams to me tile-wise, to end up somewhere on my future kitchen wall! do you do tiles?

Milady Productions said...

woolfie, i can do tiles! i have a special transfer technique that i could literally send to you with directions to apply to your tiles :)
could be fun!


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