Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Life in th Bush of Ghosts

Beaumont Hotel

remember when i alluded to this?
well, thats what i've been up to lately. bringing history to life one ghost story at a time. it all takes place in the quintessential western mining town of Ouray nestled in a gorgeous box canyon dubbed Switzerland of America. I get to have fun, be creative, be a storyteller and make money WITHOUT being a dreaded waitress. It affords me to do what I want all day which is supposed to be art but then those darn kids keep needing me....kidding, well not really. :) My art isn't contained on a surface these days.

my life in the bush of ghosts music i enjoyed in art school
my life in the bush of ghosts one of my favorite books
xo milady


Rosamund said...

Hello Milady!

I have spent some lazy time this morning poking around your blog. I just want to say, I think you're brilliant! Your ghost tour looks amazing and make me wish I lived in CO so I could take the tour. I loved the info. you provided in the gallery and was simply horrified by most of it! Fabulous! Also, I can so relate to trying to achieve that balance between kids and art. You are wise, I think, to put your kids first as time is so precious and fleeting. I can see that you are both a wonderful mother and a wonderful artist. How awesome for your children that they have a mother who infuses that creative world into nurturing them.

Blessings to you from your friend Rosamund.

Milady Productions said...

WOW! Rosamund, you have made my day, my week, my life!
Thank you friend!



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