Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer eve chores. Turning dirt, watering garden, sending aliens into black holes. For a moment the light shifts and turns on the crickets, the frog songs and bird lullabies. The air is fragrant and cool to my nose. Perfect and still.
I go to check the piglets and turn to see this: Blue on Red in Green. mmmm

then this...wherever Milady went, her lamb-dog was sure to go....

and this crappy ol wire fence so delicately strung along the back drive with weeds so lovely it makes me sigh....

Bandito wants some goodnight love, so i stop and bid him well...the sun softens still into pinks and lavender ...
telling all lits time to be still and listen to the distant night songs of trucks and tractors going to their barns

while the night pulls her dark shade up the mountain higher still

until all we see is the golden crown on red rocks and know its time to go in.

xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Could I come for a holiday. On my own. To your place? I like how the wire fence seemed drawn in ink across the grass. There's a sense of natural silence, that seems quite soothing.

Your photos are indescribable! PS I'm booking a ticket and not telling the 4xChilds! (kidding!)

Milady Productions said...

you may...anytime. im not a photographer, i just snap. this is for real.
i know...i'm lucky!
p.s. you've inspired me to act on an old idea to photograph my , ahem, large collection of vintage fisher price stuff out and about on the farm. wish i could animate it!

Lynn A. Fraley said...

Stephanie, your dad pointed me to your blog-- it's delightful!

I love the glimpses into your little slice of heaven there. The colors and textures in your paintings are so rich, a real treat to see.

All the best ~ Lynn

Anonymous said...

Makes me miss my hometwon.....lovely farmland!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, that enviroment you live in. Just lovely photos Stephanie.

Milady Productions said...

Elisabeth, you and your family are welcome to visit anytime - i'd like to see Otto and Morgan together in person :)


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