Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Into the Blue

We picked up our piglets yesterday. Drove miles out across what seemed like the dried up bottom of a lake with mobile homes stranded on cinder blocks. Dirt, dust, more dust and then the pigs. I am still struggling with this whole deal, the committment to 4-H, the inevitable exit of my new farm friends...the dusty, nasty image of pig farming etcetera, etcetera.
Now that the 3 little pigs are here I am feeling a little better. You can't deny that they are CUTE and I guess its a good thing that they don't really like me. I am slowly learning how to let go of kissing everything and be a real farm girl who by the way is not a vegetarian - yet. Im getting so hard and rough that i've decided to raise a few turkeys and chickens too. Stay tuned , i may have ALOT of pets come fall.
UPDATE - they are starting to like me. uh oh.
xo milady


Rosamund said...

Hello Milady,

Thanks for your message on my blog. Please, please, please...no worries! I also struggle every day to balance all of the various areas of my life. I totally get it! Enjoy your time with your children as time is so precious and fleeting. And when you have a minute to create, do what feels right in that moment. The last thing I would want you to be thinking is "Oh I must make that dove for Rosamund." NOT! Someday, if it happens, I will be thrilled and so grateful and will treasure it but in the meantime, I treasure the knowing that you are a busy mom like me just trying to make it all go round. And now you have piggies! Oh my! You are a better woman than me, this I know. :) Happy Spring! Enjoy your piggies and I will keep checking in from time to time to read your blog which I enjoy so much.



Milady Productions said...

Thanks Rosamund! I know you totally get it - that helps!
I patiently await your dove's arrival without guilt now!
xo milady


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