Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blossom & Dot

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Rosie and Blossom

sweet little miss Dot

Meet my new love, BLOSSOM.

I recently had a birthday, April 16th to be exact. I felt old . It was a miserable snowy day and nothing about it felt unusually special. A friend left a message about some bum lambs that needed mothering. I had a naughty warm feeling in my heart...and said YES without even telling my husband. Next thing I knew, I was at a lambing shed looking at 1000's of sheep and as many newborn babies. Mr. Field, being a hardened sheep farmer, still had a softness in his way which made the sad bits a little easier. Life and Death. The lessons of farmlife. At the far end of the barn was a little lean -to with warm orange lights and dozens of little wooly newborns and a super nice lady with a baby bottle. Knowing I was coming, she picked a hopeful one out for me....may I introduce....BLOSSOM.

I will be documenting Blossom's progress with a Flickr because, well, i'm slighty obssessed with her. I actually took 2, Dot a teeny little twin who never really had a chance to nurse in the wee frigid hours after birth, stole my heart with her floppy bunny ears and single black dot on her side. I slept with her by my side all wrapped in towels. I held her all day in my lap - a riduculous late spring snowstorm had us housebound. Rosie and I watched the Boy in the Blue Pajamas...a quiet deeply sad movie about the holocaust, while Dot lamely swallowed drops of sheep formula from a syringe. I put her down for a short bit when she peacefully slipped away.

Of course, we all wept.

On a happy note, Miss Blossom is well, blossoming! She is smarter than a puppy and I am totally in love.
The nice farmer said, "you just don't know...some just don't have the will to live"

Blessings Miss Dot.

xo milady


Rosamund said...

You're killing me with these animal stories (2nd time I am weepy reading your blog!) I am so sorry about Dot. What a wonderful thing you did for her that she could feel love and warmth and comfort during her final hours.

xo Rosamund

Milady Productions said...

i know, i know...i just love'em so much! Good thing is that little miss Blossom is doing really well!:)

Fine Little Day said...

Sweet so sweet :)

Love your circus theme paintings on your site Stephanie.


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