Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent December 13 :St Mary

St Mary
My recent hospitalization was at St Marys- an amazing hospital 2 hours from here- the only
place i'll go to when it comes to getting cut open.
This is the same hospital I was helicoptered in when my son was born so tiny and untimely and when my last son left us.
I would sit in the garden to get some fresh air and stare at her...
sweet St Mary

So when little motherless Blossom came into my life..i had that same feeling.....

That understanding of pure LOVE and the need to share it
My daughter felt it too
and still does...she came home from college she was the best mom to me during my surgery loopiness.
she took real good care of me
just like St Mary 

Advent December 13  St Mary
Blessing:  Love is everything



Ariane Reichardt said...

My dear Milady! Stephanie!
May St Mary watch over you, now and forever, Dear.
No wonder that your daughter is like a good mum... with you as her mother :-)
I wish you a good recovery!
Love to you
and yours, here and in your art.

xo Ariane.

Milady Productions said...

Oh so nice to hear from you!!
Thank you for all the well wishes

Patrice A. said...

sweet images
of dearest Blossom

let them take care of you
St Mary and your daughter
i hope you will be fine soon
and wish you wonderful days

Patrice A.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

hello love.
hope you are all fine!

... here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
cheerio, and enjoy this week...


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