Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Craftsaganza already?!

IT's here again, Christmas. WHAT? seriously, i don't know where the time has gone - it's speeding up, or i am blacking out or perhaps some universal mystery is playing tricks on me.  I love to make things and have lots and lots of ideas....i think i can pull off each and every one of them in extremely unrealistic time frames.
I go for it....and whatever gets made is what makes it to fair.
lots of exciting things are happening in my life - so busy , as you've all gathered, that i don't even post anymore! i've been off the farm more than ever - not here, at my desk, in the kitchen, wandering the countryside. i miss that but times a flyin' so i've got to strike while the iron is hot! Art shows in other towns, products created at other's studios...oh, and then those kids! ;) sports, sports, sports, homework, field trips, volunteering, meetings...yikes!
anyhoo, I miss communicating with you gals, across the ethers, my fine feathered kindred spirits.
come back, come back! xoxo


sarapirat said...

and how much i LOOOOOVE christmas! the best is making all these DIY stuff, but this year i doubt i will manage. still, a less is more christmas, no matter where it will be celebrated.

Milady Productions said...

hello sara!
yes me too, LOOOOOVE christmas! it always feels wrong to start on it too early but then there is never enough time . ideally, i'd like to be just relaxing by a beautiful fire and watch the snow fall outside!

Patrice A. said...

sweet you!
thanks for your comments
i am glad you are here again
i saw you will participate
in the dc


Milady Productions said...

yes! its been too long!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

well hi there, and i can see you're all busy. i'm intrigued!


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