Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sleeping with Nature Exhibit Wrap Up

 Sleeping with Nature 3'x 4'  SOLD

Custom designed silk bird panels for the custom outdoor bed
 Bird Panel 3  SOLD
 Wonder Wall SOLD
 Various Animals SOLD
 At Home 5' x 8 -'  SOLD
Star Mobile

 Silver Fox  SOLD

Deer Heads and Jewelry - SOLD

Hello Friends!

I made it through another show - what a busy busy summer! I contemplated showing the SOLD signs but I wanted to share my excitement! 
This show was called Sleeping with Nature - a sort of Snow White goes glamping with friendly woodland creatures. It's about dreaming, luxury and nature all combined. 
I am super proud of my first textile attempt ...dreamy pale turqoise silk with whimsical large scale birds. 
The exhibit was part of Art + Architecture event in Telluride Colorado last week. Super fun! If you look at the bottom of the page you will see a pic of me and a little girl sitting on my lap...she was a little visitor who loved coming in and drawing with me. xx

I've been such a lazy blogger because i've been so busy! I hope you all find your way back to the Art Farm and say HELLO!!! 

x stephanie


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,
you know that I love your art, right? to the stars and back...

I am happy for you, happy about your success, Dear!

And when a slack period will come, you busy woman, please join us in the blogworld... maybe the drawing challenge again. I miss you.

xo Ariane.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

great, stefanie!
thanks for sharing.
of course they're all SOLD!

Milady Productions said...

thanks for popping in to say hello Woolfie and Ariane!!! xx

Citlalli Cuevas said...

Dear Stephanie,
I´m so delighted with your amazing art, of course they are all sold, everything it´s gorgeous!

Have a happy day!

renilde said...

big applause, so happy to read this, it all looks wonderful, your work will bring so much joy to their new owners, xx said...

So much to fall in love with here Stephanie. That Silver Fox for example. Marvelous xxx


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