Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Farming

Magic standing in front of a large canvas tacked to my barn door - She wants a treat that's
inside the door :)

There is another art farm I've discovered - someday I'd like to go there . It's not far from here and looks very interesting.  

Farm Love

"All creatures through their single imagination are aware of other creatures, seemingly gained by the helpful hand of natural selection, but what explains consciousness, as it may not be an evolved state: imagine consciousness closer to a chemical continuity across the spectrum of all plants and animals, simply arising as a property out of increasingly complex chemical interactions, and like our bodies’ specialized cells racing amok from the never-ending chemical addendum we blend into nature’s stew, consciousness continues expanding, unsympathetic to our aims on this mortal coil, as we are to the aims of worms and cockroaches while we grapple with life’s incoherence."



Kristen Donegan said...

I LOVE! this photo in ways I can't really describe :)

And thoughts on consciousness draw me in- especially when it's trying to relate to consciousness of life not just the human sort-

Congrats on your new web site!! too- such a lot of good work here :)

Milady Productions said...

it's a lovely "mistake" and i LOVE it too! Eventhough that is the horse that kicked Blossom :(
She justs stands there with me while I work.
Thanks for the congrats!


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