Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fly Little Bird, FLY!

My firstborn graduated yesterday and will be 18 years old in a matter of days. Her time has come to fly from the nest.
This week and the months leading up to it have been a sweet mixture of excitement and dread, love and sadness, nerves and zen...all backdropped by this huge GOODBYE.
I don't have an empty nest yet, there are 2 little brothers in tow, but the family is changing as we prepare to send off the baby girl who started this whole family thing.
We are so proud of this girl, her spitfire soul graced with elegance and compassion. She will soar out there in the world because she is not afraid. She is smart and wise. She is fun and controlled. She can communicate with precision and stands up for her beliefs. She is present and has beautiful strong wings.
Fly my daughter, fly high! I will be right here with my hand over brow shading the bright sun while I watch you soar.
xoxoxo Mama


renilde said...

dear Stephanie, i have no children of my own but your words bring a tear to my eyes;
may your beautiful daughter (who looks a lot like you) fly high, free and without fear and sing many happy songs,
congratulations, xx

Milady Productions said...

Thank you Renilde! I hope they were good tears :)

objects of whimsy said...


thats lovely Stephanie what a gorgeous girl you have :)

I remember mine reaching this milestone and that tug of the heart wanting them to take on the world but still wanting to keep them close.

Helen x

Milady Productions said...

"tug of the heart" exactly Helen! said...



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