Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawing Challenge : Fairy Tale

"our lady of the honey bees"

"our lady of the forest"

"our lady of the quiet"

"our lady of the bluebird's song"

life is a fairy tale.
the signs are everywhere.
little surprises hidden and revealed
in grass
in sky
in the friends clad in fur, wool and feather

remember this little tale?

tales abound at Tatjana's !
xo milady


www.finelittleday.com said...

Hello all you lovely ladies!
Nice to be here again Stephanie ;)

Milady Productions said...

welcome back Elisabeth!
the ladies say hello :)

renilde said...

i do Stephanie and wow that view!!
your ladies on rusty tin are each whispering(or do i hear them sing), their own tale x

Kristen Donegan said...

These are wonderful Stephanie! I am loving the tin- really compliments your style ;)

and I'll second the Wow! on that view

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Stephanie
glad to see you poosting your paintings are very beautiful and rustic I love them a lot. Your view is spectacular and Im in agreeance with you that your life is a fairytale seeing that view everyday.

Have a good day dear Stephanie!

Helen :)

Patrice A. said...

the theme fits you so, so well
all those lovely ladies
but I keep looking
at your view
it reminds me so
of Australia
the same color

Patrice A.

Stock Photos said...

This is nice blog and its really nice paintings , thanks for sharing.I find your story really interesting! Thanks for making my day :)

Milady Productions said...

Thank you everyone for your wow's and compliments! its always a pleasure to enjoy through your eyes! yes, i'm a lucky lady indeed. i think i may be in heaven :)
glad to make your day stockphotos!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i'm gonna say it nce more, before i hold my breath {on that subject}. i'm jealous of where you live!

and erm. you ARE this theme!
sorry i am late visiting...

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