Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Lady of Creative Chaos

Our Lady of Creative Chaos
lambie love = peace

originally sketched for the 9/11 drawing challenge

edward robert hughes
Taking a break amidst this creative whirlwind to share a little someone with you.
I like to call her Our Lady of Creative Chaos.

She wears stars in her hair like a crown
and sometimes looks like a big bright blue bird
She carries all souls
Like a Mother to her Babe
                                                             SHhhhhhhhh She says
I'm here
Right Here
in the center
of your wild dance.


Patrice A. said...

what a lovely lady
a beautiful portrait

and your madonna with the lamb
is lovely too!

take your time
I will visit you again
and again
you are in my mind


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. I do hope she will find the time to whirl by the Nordic realms some time.
Enjoy your creative days, Stephanie. I often think of you. Give Blossom a hug!
Lilli xx

Ariane Reichardt said...

My dearest Milady,
'Our Lady of Creative Chaos', Madonna and Lambie, she carried all souls... as a blue bird at 9/11, very heartful drawing.
I always admire the stroke of your brush, there is a fascility... wonderful.
How is your husband doing? And you, busy bee?

Love to you,

Milady Productions said...

Thank you sweet bluebird friends, you are often on my mind as well!
you carry me. :) and i hope i do the same for you.


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