Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Sheep

William Blake the visionary

My little Blossom

my field of dreams

vintage putz sheep - etsy

Sheep Boy available by request in my shop

Carl Larsson's home

Sheep. Ah yes, my sweet obsession.
what is it? why do i love thee so?
Its a piece in the puzzle.
The treasure hunt of my life.
The distinct by hazey memory of a life lived
in a Swedish Farmhouse
or handstitched art farm
with family and history
where all flock together
in peace
no matter fur , wool or feather.

say hello to the rest of the flock

anyone else? please join us!


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

in a gentle blitz i'm over, milady.
i'll go swooning over that flickr'a'yours!
true, it's that i've been reading emily
that i can not rest assured...


oh! but! sheep boy leaves gentle room to the imagination...
you always touch a cord, one way or another.
[i am loving your poem, dear]

Kristen Donegan said...

yes yes hip hip hooray for sheep! :)

Rachel said...

I am sorry that my sheep has strayed from the artsy flock...give me a day or two...
Being that my name Rachel means Ewe, I have always had a fondness for the gentle creatures myself.
I love your sheep boy! To sit under those trees with a lamb in my lamb would be bliss.

Patrice A. said...

dear Stephanie,

I am in!
ust post my lamb - sheep

like your post
love your words!!

happy weekend

Make mine Mid-Century said...

You love sheep. And I bet, the best sort of sheep love you back.

ooglebloops said...

Great post - love sheep, but sadly my only sheep are stuffed or ceramic - my horses (and my husband) won't have the real thing!!!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,
just today I sort my hundreds of paper chips ...and I've found a photo of a 'Carl-Larsson-House'. Its my very favorite house...dream will come true...maybe in the 'next' life.

Back to the flock: I love loooove your sheep scenery. You've painted a very peaceful atmosphere...and your words...I can hear your voice. Wonderful. And Blossom...sweet soul.

xoxo Ariane

Elisabeth said...

I'd like to walk in that field of dreams. I imagine I might learn mindfulness in those colours. Accompanied by a sheep or two. I need more animals in my life. And the home of Carl and his talented wife Karin Larsson is beautiful. It's been ages since I've been there, you make me want to make an excursion to Sundborn. Thanks for the idea. And thanks for the theme. Sheep always suits a picture :)

jasmin said...

sweet chagallesque sheep. beautiful. and another kind of blossom too. themes are overlapping. i like it. am i too late to add to the flock? i don't want to miss a week of our drawing - i love doing it. i'll post something tomorrow - once i have counted a few in my dreams - and hopefully blogger will be responding for me once again..... i'm having a few technical glitches.

Milady Productions said...

Lovely Ladies...Thank you from my wooly little heart. I believe the themes are overlapping and that we are connected in some wild and wonderful way.


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