Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Story

This is so so so adorable. Please enjoy while I SLOWLY complete my advent drawings...
I know i promised them for Christmas - I know, but I have much greater ambition than
time. Its an ongoing problem.

Merry Christmas everyone! Make it Shine!

xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

So much to love ... the Three Kings in jeans; the fly-away presents; the sheeps; the New Zealand accents; baby Jesus' two Dads!

Loved it.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh my God,
thats great!
Loved it a lot,
thank you very much,

Anonymous said...

My favourites: the donkey carrying Maria. adorable little Jesus and the small king who keps on stumbling. It's more than great - I'm gonna watch it once more :) Lovely, magical 2011, Stephanie.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie; where art thou? (Christmas is over, come back to us!) How are you, what are you doing, how's Blossom doing...
Don't worry about moustaches on your sons - only on your daughters.
xox Lilli

Milady Productions said...

I am here!!!! and missing you as well. I am finishing a mural with 100 kids...too busy but will finish soon, post pics and get back to my advent and poetic it really mid January already?!!!!
and yes, moustaches on mothers are worrisome too!:)


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