Friday, February 12, 2010

Tree of Life

Can anyone recommend a nice ~free~ clean, simple, portfolio template that is easy to use so i can get all this old art uploaded?! im no computer wiz but i can figure out some stuff. im trying to get back "out there" . thank you!!!!

xo milady

PS fixed the links on yesterday's post.


Jane O Sullivan said...

nice work stephanie ...I see you are on flickr the mo I am happy to load just my art on to it and then link that from my blog ...its a start

Milady Productions said...

good idea Jane! i really need to clean up my flickr its a mess! thanks for the tip.

Love_Again said...

If you are looking for something free and easy, there is a minimalist Flickr viewer at As you already have a Flickr account you can sign up to create a URL which will allow people to view the photos/art you upload on a nice clean page by searching, for example. If you put all your favoured artworks into a Flickr set, and allow access to that set that will create a site to view just those photos. Sorry for the long, rambling comment, I am not particularly good at explaining these things..

Milady Productions said...

thank you Love Again! that is a nice minimalist format! i only wish i could avoid another URL - i guess that's where the $'s come in.
i enjoyed visiting your site. thanks again for your time to help me. :)

Rosamund said...


I just stopped by for a visit. I am in love with these! Will you have them for sale in prints in your etsy store?

Rosamund said...

Hello Miilady!

I just purchased both of these. Thanks for listing them. I love them so much. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. It is good to see you putting more of your work out into the world. I hope you are well. The last paintings that you have posted feel very spiritual in nature. I am touched by them.

Peace to you. xo Rosamund


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