Monday, March 16, 2009

A little trip to the North

calder's circus
camilla engman

Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker

Camilla Engman

Elisabeth Dunker

Elisabeth Dunker

I went on a little cyber trip to Sweden this morning and found such delightful things. revisited Red House , Camilla Engman and my newest favorite, Fine Little Day about Elisabeth Dunken's family adventures when she's not designing and photographing (for work that is). Felt like i had lunch with lovely old people and wore my best clickity heels and fashionable hosiery. And wouldn't you know? Elisabeth and Camilla are collaborators and friends :) and are working on a circus themed creation just like me and my 4th graders at Ridgway Elementary! Studio Violet is their shared shop where their circus acts will soon be for sale. I can't wait to photograph my little friends' amazing creations when we install next month. My favorite? Probably Big Mama the red elephant and the motorcycle made out of a spark plug and bits of this and that. This is my third year doing Calder's Circus with a bunch of kids. I come into school with a big box of crap, give them a little talk about making something out of nothing that expresses your vision and then open the gates.... raw art.
Makin' art outa junk, surreptitiously travelling through cyber space and watching free movies on you tube...tis a sign of the times indeed.
Enjoy your life - its free.
xo milady

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krys kirkpatrick said...

Wonderful blog...I am putting you in my reader.....really lovely


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